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Implementation Committee: October 13, 2021

October 13th 2021

Attendance: Nitha, Dayna, Sandy, Lauren Caruana, Carol, Dielle, Kerri Nagy, Kim Hewitt, Jeff Rocca, Janet, Sheeba, Sarah Bromley

Action Items:

  • Discuss with Melanie’s team about interviewing SEE, Prescriber and Peer Support - Dielle

  • Review participant inclusion criteria for clients in NAVIGATE for more than a year – Dielle/Nitha

  • Look into privacy agreements for sites – Sandy/Dayna

  • Send Dayna site-specific covid protocol for visitors – Site Leads


Research update

  • Site leads to follow up with their teams. The research team is trying to get 400 participants across the 6 sites, and are looking at 1 referral per week per site

  • Clinicians can still ask clients who have been in an EPI program for more than 1 year.

Melanie’s CFIR QI

  • We are currently only interviewing team lead, IRT and family education for CFIR

    • Should we interview see, prescriber and peer support?

    • Interview roles are limited because IRT, team lead and FE are consistent across sites so from a data analysis perspective, the data should be consistent across sites. There are also a lot of interviews for the SickKids team to conduct and adding 3 more interviews per site will add to their workload. The team lead will also be able to speak about the barriers and limitations of implementation for every role.

    • Should speak to Melanie about including the other clinicians for interviews. All roles are important and should be interviewed.

    • Maybe we should move away from clinician specific volunteers to general volunteers

Data Collection

  • Delivery tracking Fidelity Assessments – Jan to March 2022

  • Will do the data pull for delivery tracking at the same time as the fidelity assessments using the same 10 randomly pulled charts

  • The burden to the sites for collecting their own data is large. For the next set of data collection, PSSPs are working to go to each site and do the data collection themselves as a Plan A.

    • Have already figured out who will be going to each site (Northern sites are a little tricky but will train someone in fidelity assessment)

  • What are the on-site protocols for each site? Any issues?

    • Waterloo: surgical mask, screening, double vaccination proof

    • Thunder Bay: surgical mask, screening

    • Niagara: surgical mask screening (proof of vaccination not required)

    • Durham: survey for screening and proof of vaccination

      • Will do Durham last (closer to March) to give time for the survey system to be finalized

  • Will also need support staff on the day for IT issues, or trouble pulling files

  • All CAMH employees will be double vaccinated per CAMH policy

Implementation/Delivery Tracker

  • List of revised items will be shared with the sites

    • Have scaled back the questions & made it simpler

    • No concerns from the sites on the tracker

  • Sandy will do the first fidelity reviews (will pull 10 charts and answer the delivery tracker questions)

  • Will not know how long the data pull will take because the PSSP team has not done it before

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