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Implementation Committee: November 24, 2021

November 24nd 2021

Attendance: Nitha, Carol, Anne-Marie, Sandy, Dayna, Lauren, Kim, Dielle, Sheeba, Janet

Action Items:

· Reach out to site leads to extend contracts – Dielle

· Explain the new readiness survey consent to teams – Site Leads

· Reach out to site leads to coordinate delivery tracking - Sandy


Research update

o CIHR Grant from 2018 will be extended (current end date is March 2022)

  • Dielle will reach out to site leads to extend site contracts (current end date is March 2022)

  • Official start date was April but the letter came in August so some time was lost

  • Implementation of NAVIGATE only really started in mid-2019 and early 2020.

  • Hopefully to ramp up patient recruitment in the next few months to until Spring 2022 and then wind down to only contact people through previous referrals

o Reminder to teams to approach clients who are in the program and re-approach clients who have previously said no

o Reminder to teams to send in all referrals regardless if the client says yes or no

o Kim will meet with Dielle tomorrow to discuss CFIR

Readiness Assessment

o Consent process has changed from last time

o Survey will be delivered through a link. The first page will be the consent form.

  • Because it is a formal consent, the clinicians have to initial on the bottom of each page of the consent

o Assessment will roll out early next year

o Concerns: because the survey is not technically anonymous anymore (because of the consent and initials), clinicians may not answer truthfully

  • Team leads will not be able to see who answers the survey

  • Name will not be on the survey and the consent form will be separated from the survey results

  • Survey is still anonymous and consent won’t be linked to the survey

o Purpose of the survey is to see people’s perspectives on feasibility, organizational supports, perceived skills to deliver model, impressions of NAVIGATE, thoughts of different training components

  • CFIR is similar but only 2 people from each site get the interview. All clinicians get the readiness assessment

o Will site leads be able to get their clinician’s feedback about the program?

  • Yes, implementation team can summarize the feedback and give it to site leads

Delivery Tracking

o Will start in January to March

o How difficult will it be to pull out the listed data for deliver tracking? And is there anything sites are not collecting that is on the list?

  • Total client contact will be difficult to find for some sites

o Will the clients from last case pull and this case pull have any overlap?

  • Previous pull was for clients from 2019 and this pull will be for 2020 so there shouldn’t be for overlap

o Sandy will review the dates in case there is any overlap

o Sandy will be reaching out to site leads to schedule someone from PSSP to go to the sites

  • Site leads can discuss with Sandy during that time

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