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Implementation Committee: November 11, 2020

In attendance: Brannon, Dayna, Lauren, Rameiya, Alan, Sandy, Kerri, Kim, Sandy

Action Items

- Bring up new recruitment strategy at next waterloo meeting – Brannon

- Send out study timeline to all attendees – Sandy

- Cross reference NAVIGATE manual with Slaight treatment plan - Lauren/Dayna PSSP


Welcome to Rameiya

Implementation/evaluation updates

- Strong place across sites every site is using the model, PSSP is spending most of their time onboarding new staff.

- A lot of conversations that PSSP has been having are around how to improve sustainability and how to make it more user friendly for staff

- One example is by creating more fillable PDFs for sites to use , they are working on making NAVIGATE modules fillable so that it is more user friendly.

- Prioritizing what are high priority handouts that should be adapted or modified first

- PSSP continues to have good relationship with sites

- Remodifying SEE manual file.

- Handouts being linked for actual chapter

- Al and Kim working on peer support resource to be used as a model provincially


- First 3 sites are finished scored

- Second 3 sites are being worked on data collection is going on for thunderbay data is done for waterloo and Sudbury waterloo should be done November

- Going through material for new sites have draft report by end of November TB in new year

- 3 sites first post navigate assessment. Sites will have had navigate 1 year to 18 months. Ratings are hard to track down cause of COVID

- Final fidelity assessment ones will be closer to end of study 3 in total

- Every time a fidelity assessment is done, readiness survey is sent out, front line staff and management will help

- Have added questions to these for example how older and newer clients have reacting to it, whether clinicians think navigate is a better model.

- Will share timeline of all assessments – Sandy

- Appears that PSSP is really trying to address feedback.

Preparing Template of a treatment plan

- Has been a gap in treatment and has been apparent during fidelity assessments

- Lauren has prepared and will share treatment plan template that Slaight uses as a reference for all to use.

- Doesn’t NAVIGATE already have a collaborate treatment plan? NAVIGATE makes suggestions but does not have a specific template. Formal treatment plan has been identified as a gap.

- PSSP will cross reference treatment plan in manual and SLAIGHT version

Discussion regarding FAC recruitment document

- The FAC has put together a document to try and increase recruitment some suggestions would be relevant to sites leads and clinicians.

- They raised the question of whether research staff could contact participants while meeting with clinicians.

- Sites suggested this could be a viable idea when people are particularly challenging to get a hold of but doing this in every case would be too much time.

- Waterloo site suggested contacting clinician before hand if they have good rapport and getting them to remind clients that they will get a call or email later that day.

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