Implementation Committee Meeting Minutes Wednesday March 3rd, 2021

Action Items:

1. Send Sandy & Janet Sudbury meeting invite - Rameiya

2. Create a tailored agenda for remaining site meetings (Sudbury, Niagara, Waterloo, Durham) - Rameiya

3. Discuss Bi-polar e-learning content at next week’s Steering Committee and Implementation call - Dayna/Janet

4. Discuss treatment plans with site leads at next week’s implementation call - Site Leads/Dayna


Questions to ask sites during March site meetings:

- Durham - It would be beneficial for Sandy to attend Durham meeting since clinicians had questions re: tracking log

- Niagara - There are several new clinicians, it would be important to understand their experience with NAV

- Niagara has combined the SEE & IRT component in one clinician’s role. It has been working very well. They are heading toward more staffing changes so may be short staffed in the near future

- They need more SEE support as they see the benefit of this component

- They love the standardization and consistency of Navigate

- Sudbury - Most staff are new and have taken on NAV very well

- They are a data/research focused group;

- Onboarding of new psychiatrist

- Delay in implementing pilot of NA tracking log as they haven’t figured out a sustainable way to complete it. Currently takes 2 hours to enter data for 2 clients.

Updates on Durham:

- They hired a new manager; Sheile is still providing adminsitrative assistance but no clinical supervision unless there is a crisis

Bi-Polar e-learning content:

- Bipolar e-learning content being piloted at Slaight

- Janet and Dayna met with Lori from CAMH education who sets people up with e-learning credentials

- We need to track training completion more thoroughly and send completion lists on a regular basis

- need of formalized tracking - accountability on sites as well

- Lori will send over identified reports to Dayna/Janet

- Discuss the above at the steering committee + implementation call next week

Any other updates:

- Dayna, Laura, & Sandy will attend FAC next Thursday

- Sandy will discuss the draft baseline report from fidelity assessments

- Treatment planning:

- Sudbury has created a hybrid model, merging NAV and what they were doing prior; this has been shared with other site leads

- At next week’s implementation call, we should continue the discussion on treatment plans with site leads

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