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Implementation Committee: January 26, 2022

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Attendance: Michael, Nitha, Dielle, Kerri, Lauren, Jeff, Carol, Janet, Kim, Sheeba, Sandy, Sarah

Action Items:

  • Need to look at protocol to see if RA can fill in the no referrals – Dielle

  • Ask George if clinicians can send in 2-year referrals – Nitha

  • Look at Michael’s email containing the topics/questions for the FAQ sheet – Site Leads


Site Updates

  • Waterloo is now seeing clients with more acuity than usual, they are not being admitted into hospital

- Will bring no referral information to clinic site meeting and Nitha will fill in the form

  • Niagara is not having much change from the previous wave

- Recruitment has been slow, clinicians are swamped and may be forgetting

  • Thunder Bay has had some challenges with staff being off sick

- Has not had any new clients to approach for research but is planning to re-approach previous clients

  • Durham is having some challenges as 1 staff is being redeployed

- Is feeling fully supported by the implementation and research teams

  • Sites are struggling with managing case loads and fully implementing the NAGIVATE agenda, especially with the current pandemic wave

Research Updates

  • Recruitment to wind down in March 2022

  • The REB amendment to add clients who have been in NAVIGATE for more than 1-year but less than 2 is still on-going

  • RA team to check with George if clinicians can send start re-approaching clients and asking clients who have been in NAVIGATE for 2-years or less

FAQ Sheet

  • Site leads to check list Michael sent out about topics/questions for the FAQ sheet and get back to him about which are relevant to be answered for their teams

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