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Implementation Committee: January 12, 2022

Attendance: Michael, Kerri, Janet, Lauren, Jeff, Rakshi, Dielle, Sarah, Kim

Action Items:

  • Letting sites know about the Referral Incentive Draw and that it is ongoing – Rakshi/Nitha/Emily

  • Check in with the sites about interest for having family members attend the site meetings – Rakshi/Nitha/Emily

  • Send Kim the information needed for the referral form when it is a ‘no’ – Rakshi


General Updates

  • Challenges in implementing NAVIGATE during covid have been ironed out. Challenges are more around staff shortages

  • Engagement is harder virtually

  • An FAQ sheet regarding NAVIGATE and the study might be helpful, especially for the new staff

  • Recruitment: we are in the last stretch of recruitment. Hoping to wrap up recruitment by spring 2022

Site Issues related to Omicron

  • Sudbury facing redeployment of more than 2/3rd of staff. Only one staff member left for the EPI services

  • Sheeba sent an email stating that Durham has one staff member redeployed.

  • No redeployment for Niagara. Advocated for another nurse to join EPI due to high demand.

  • Waterloo not facing redeployment. Kim thinks this is due to them not being part of a hospital. However, they face challenges with discharging clients because other services are facing staff shortages. This means they have had to stretch services for some existing clients. They also continue to have strong intake demand. As a result, they are having to accommodate more clients.

  • Waterloo’s OT is not on team anymore and this is a challenge. This staff member was a strong voice for SEE role.

FAC Attendance to the Site Meetings

  • Niagara supported FAC member attending site meeting.

  • Other sites weren’t present, so will check in with them in individual site meetings with the RAs

REDCap referral form when client says no

  • Having the RAs fill out the form for the clinicians to capture the ‘no’ referrals during our site meeting check ins with them

  • Option available for other sites should it be needed

Fidelity Updates

  • Things are on hold. Prioritizing Sudbury and Durham for T1 Fidelity Assessments when things get started again

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