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Implementation Committee: February 24, 2021

Attendance: Rameiya, Dayna, Sandy, Josette, Carol, Kim, Lauren, Alan

Action Items:

1. Determine the need of implementation at site meetings - Rameiya

2. Create a list of prompts/questions for site meetings – Rameiya

3. Reach out to each site at the 15-min check in to obtain feedback on ECHO Cycle 3 planning and frequency in the summer – Rameiya

4. Discuss Implementation updates at the next implementation call – Dayna


● Project Team - Rameiya

o Slaight/Site meetings

▪ Reach out to Aristotle re: the need of implementation at site meetings

▪ Develop a list of questions/prompts to ask site clinicians

● ECHO Planning

o Cycle 3 (frequency of summer sessions, curriculum in the summer/throughout)

▪ Thunder Bay enjoyed the psychosis with developmental delay and cognitive challenges session; also, pushing for more time with the didactic presenter

▪ Waterloo recommended sessions addressing tricks around module 4

▪ Discuss a case scenario and how clinicians overcame challenges with a particular patient (obesity, etc. )

▪ Another topic session is family and supportive education and how to support the interventions

▪ At weekly site meetings, ask clinicians which module they are struggling with and how they have adapted certain modules based on practice reality

▪ North Bay suggests sessions on better fidelity for models as they do not have a SEE component at their site

o Frequency of summer sessions:

▪ Thunder bay and Waterloo - 2 sessions per month

▪ North Bay prefers 1 session per month

o Summer curriculum

▪ Discuss the journey of a challenging yet successful case

o Site leads have agreed to change the structure of a few ECHO sessions by having the case presentation before the didactic

● Implementation Updates - evolution of support needs

o Defer this discussion to next week

● Any other updates?

o Thunder bay team appreciates the tracking log as it helps them find ways to improve

o There will be minor changes to the tracking log based on feedback

▪ Fluidity of “initial treatment plan” will be addressed

▪ Add item about family member being invited to participate to determine if they denied to participate or not

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