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Implementation Committee: December 9, 2020

In Attendance: Rameiya, Alexia, Carol, Sandy, Jeff, Alan, George, Kim Hewitt, Josette, Kerri, Sheila, Janet, Sarah, Anne-Marie

Action Items:

1. Discuss ECHO updates at next meeting. – Brannon

2. For phase 1 programs, a staff readiness survey (will take approx. 10 minutes to complete) will be distributed over the next few days. Staff are to complete it over the next few weeks. – Heather/Janet


ECHO touch base – Brannon

o Will aim to discuss ECHO at the next implementation committee meeting

Implementation Update – PSSP/George/ Site Leads

o Kim Hewitt, Waterloo – Other conversations trumping navigate conversation but team is still integrating navigate pieces to standard of care

- 3 new staff, will be hiring more

- Approximately 8-10 referrals/week, with more patients that meet the criteria

- Peers are currently working with Al

- New resident starting January 2021 (Kate Gregory) and will be working with Douglas – George offered to meet with resident

- Caseloads have decreased

o Carol, Thunder Bay– Clinicians finding no barriers/challenges, they like the structure of navigate and are looking at how they can incorporate navigate content to fit client’s needs

- Receiving a lot of referrals and upping intake volume each week

- Sorting out agreement to initiate process of working with Dr. Kennedy

o Josette, North Bay – No waitlists, caseloads have gone down; some discharges and relocates, 2 success clients

- Good collaboration with acute psychiatry

- Patients may be less motivated to follow up with Navigate modules

- Suggestion from George - need to find other ways to make content more engaging for patients

- There hasn’t been an impact on the delivery navigate but working towards involving managers in meetings

o Sheila, Durham/Lakeridge – 6-8 waitlists, most clinicians have 30 cases, family group going well

- Durham has drifted – navigate has not been fully embraced by the team (some implementing navigate in its entirety but others are using bits of navigate)

- Patients have told staff to stop repetitively asking them to participate in research; All staff have adopted a new approach to address this issue: Clinicians ask patients about research participation after 3/4 sessions with patients (once rapport is built)

- An increase in cannabis use among clients in EPI and other outpatient units

o Anne-Marie, Sudbury – Team is responding well to the standardization of Navigate

- There has been an increase in referrals, but not all meet the criteria for this service

- Prescriber role challenge – there is a consulting psychiatrist with Sudbury’s EPI program but care is not being automatically transferred

- Lack of consistency from psychiatrists, which is a current struggle in Sudbury

- George suggests Sudbury team connect with psychiatrist for feedback to find a balance between psychiatric care and rest of the team. This could entice the psychiatrist to see the value in the standardization of Navigate and provide care for this population – Anne Marie believes this suggestion will be worthwhile

- Sudbury has past the halfway mark with navigate clients

o Kerri, Niagara– Navigate is standard treatment now; site is doing well with navigate

- Only challenge is trying to remember to refer patients to research

- Very busy - long waitlists and a lot of referrals

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