Implementation Committee Meeting Minutes Wednesday April 14th, 2021

Attendance: Rameiya, Dayna, Janet, Carol, Lauren, Josette, Kerri, Kim, Heather, Sandy

Action Items:

1. Follow up with Kim/Waterloo re: translation services and date required – Rameiya



- Dr. Wanda Tempelaar will be joining in two weeks to discuss virtual adaptions that’s have happening at sites during COVID (e-Navigate)

o Site leads to discuss possible adaptions with clinicians

- Booster session/capacity building/annual meeting in June across two days

o Identified gaps: gender, suicide, engagement, trauma history, integration of case management (possibly an ECHO topic)

o Refresher for each role and then a general session on pieces on each of the topics above

CBT item in Fidelity Assessments

- Formal CBT, in order to get a score of 5 > 30% of patients will need to have done at least 10 CBT sessions

- Discussed modules that are suggested as CBT modules and number of sessions recommended for each module

- There needs to be more of a formal set up of CBT

- IRT CBT training doesn’t seem to be as comprehensive

- Trainers say that it is not CBT but CBT-informed

Module completion

- What does completion of a module mean? Instead of having a yes/no, we will have a if its started, in progress, completed

- Purpose is to tell a story of what is being delivered in NAV, we want to gather information to determine what made the difference for a client

- Modules could also be on hold due to case management focus shift

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