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Implementation Committee: January 13, 2021

Attendance: Rameiya, Dayna, Jeff, Lauren, Sandy, Kim, Josette, Kerri, Alan, George, Janet, Carol, Alexia, Sarah

Action Items:

1. Discuss the need of an interpreter with the research team – George/Rameiya

2. Follow up with research team re: introducing research to clients during NAV orientation appointment – Rameiya

3. Discuss with ECHO hub team if flex session can be in early spring and focus on recruitment strategies – Rameiya


Research recruitment barriers and strategies

o Kim – implemented targets seem to be working

- Lack of interpreter (for various languages) is a barrier

o Texting amendment has been done

o Site posters will be done by the end of the month (after YAC input on Jan 22nd) and then submitted to REB

o Carol – Navigate is working for us

- For a few clients, research questions is asked 2-3 meetings after initial meeting

- Navigate orientation is a great way to introduce research

- George will be providing a one-pager on the importance of research for site clinicians – a way to improve physician engagement

o How long will we be recruiting for?

- Target = 400 participants; focus is to recruit many people for as long as possible

- Research team will ask grant for a no cost extension to this work and will have a bit more time due to the pandemic

- Original end date of project is mid-2022 but extension will take us to mid- 2023

o Josette

- Clinician compensation would be essential to improve research recruitment

- Introducing research early on will be beneficial

- Videos explaining research will be great

o Kim – also agrees that research should be introduced during the Navigate orientation appointment

o Kerri – recruitment is slowed mainly due to clinicians forgetting to refer

- Research reminder in welcome package for client might be useful

- Navigate is delivered as a standard of care

ECHO update

o ECHO team working on improving physician engagement and will be planning for Cycle 3

o Flex ECHO session on recruitment strategies – early in the spring would be a good time to discuss this topic

Changes in our team

o Alexia departing from CAMH by the end of this month

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