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Implementation Committee: May 11, 2022

Attendees: Kim, Carol, Kerri, Nitha, Dielle, Jeff, Michael, Lauren, Sarah, Shelly


  • Annual Meeting

    • Dielle is looking for numbers of people that will be attending the Annual Meeting in-person for travel costs (accommodation, mileage, air travel, etc.) and meeting space.

    • Dielle is also looking for themes of interest that could help the presenters at the annual meeting make their sessions relevant to the audience.

    • Dielle will email Site Leads looking for high-level themes for the annual meeting. These suggestions will be then be shared with the presenters to organize the topics.

  • Booster Session

    • Looking for topics of interest for booster sessions.

    • Michael will email Site Leads requesting topic ideas and case examples.

  • On-Boarding QI status

    • Michael and Lauren have names of five people who started last fiscal.

    • Will email these staff to request participation

    • Will ask to meet with each person individually for approximately 1 hour

    • Discussed that this QI process is being done because some sites have asked or are having challenges related to onboarding staff to NAVIGATE

  • NAVIGATE role shadowing

    • The topic of inter-program shadowing was discussed, particularly for sites that do not have institutional knowledge of NAVIGATE roles.

    • Sites have highlighted the value of shadowing as a part of staff onboarding to NAVIGATE role.

    • Kim offered to have a staff member observe her program’s upcoming Family Education Group, which starts end of June.

    • Individual sites would be responsible for own confidentiality agreements for person shadowing.

    • Also discussed that there would be expectations on clinicians who are shadowing [akin to pre-requisites]. Discussed having a checklist of what is necessary for the “shadower” to complete before shadowing. The clinician who is being shadowed would not be expected to train the person who is shadowing.

  • ECHO on-boarding for new staff

    • In response to Dielle’s inquiry, Site Leads said they would like to been copied on the ECHO invitation emails that the Research Analysts send out to new staff.


  • Site Leads to send Dielle the number of staff that will be attending the Annual Meeting in-person and their accommodation needs.

  • Michael to email Site Leads requesting topic ideas and case examples for the Booster Sessions.

  • Dielle to email Site Leads looking for high-level themes for the Annual Meeting. Responses are requested by Friday, May 20th

  • Michael and Lauren to email staff who onboarded last fiscal to request to meet individually.

  • Michael to reach out to Kim to get more information on potential FEP group shadowing opportunity.

  • PSSP to draft a list of steps that would be completed prior to a clinician shadowing a clinician or group at another site.

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