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Implementation Committee: March 2, 2022

Attendance: Nitha, Emily, Sandy, Lauren, Michael, Jeff, Sarah


  • Sudbury: Anne-Marie and transitioning the Director role: Michael to meet with her this afternoon

  • Set-up meetings with Anne-Marie and new director to onboard and explain NAVIGATE, roles, ect…

  • Include the staff with the director for a meeting (for staff to be on the same page)?

  • Re-do e-learnings and trainings as “onboarding” for the clinicians?

  • Need to support sustainability in the site

  • Clinicians are being shifted from one role to doing hybrid roles

  • North bay also does hybrid roles – clinicians were trained on 1 role, practiced for a year and then cross-trained after being comfortable

  • Social worker: FE once a week

  • North Bay: 1 staff member off for a few weeks, now down to 1 staff

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