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Implementation Committee: July 17, 2019

In Attendance: Alexia, Sandy, Jeff, Kelsey, Chelsi, Dayna, Chelsi, Al, Sheila, Sarah, Jasmyn, Krista

Regrets: Mary, Josette

Action Items


  • Follow up with Josette regarding their technological needs


  • Follow up with ECHO staff regarding Niagara’s sound concerns

  • Create an Orientation Checklist for each of the NAVIGATE roles – Done

  • Send PSSP Peer Support Documents – Done


  • Send name/email of new SEE worker



PSSP Implementation Status Report:

  • These are high level notes to determine where PSSP is at with implementation, lessons learned, etc. The goal is to identify and adapt their implementation and coaching plan according to their needs

  • It includes milestones – if there is no completion date beside it, it is captured in the site activity tab as all sites may have different completion dates.

  • Even though some of the activities on this report aren’t done by PSSP, it affects PSSP’s implementation (ie. REB approval)

  • Accomplishments are listed at the bottom – from perspective of knowledge exchange – and then it is broken down by the site

  • The column on the right is their plan for next month

  • Goal is to share it with the team monthly (site leads included)

  • What elements here can contribute to the process itself?

  • How does the implementation of NAVIGATE go, so that we can better inform our efforts (to general understanding of how to implement NAVIGATE in Ontario)

  • Really should contribute to the implementation network

ECHO (ZOOM) Technology

  • Is it accurate in that it captures the needs of the sites? – please confirm the document attached and confirm with Jasmyn


  • They would need a laptop and security cable

  • They have the TV monitor for the ECHO sessions


  • They often have trouble with their sound – try to call in instead of using computer audio. We will also bring up their issue to the ECHO personnel to see if they can troubleshoot

  • Need a security cable for the room

North Bay

  • Josette is gone and back by next week

  • Dayna will follow up with her

Training New Staff

September 2019:

  • Education services are working on developing a simulation that involves role playing as that was some of the feedback from the February training. We want to invite existing site staff to try that simulation in October 2019 in order to provide feeback

November 2019:

  • Education services are working on developing e-learning modules and interactive animation videos (ie. a video demonstrating how one receives all of these servies and what a team review looks like). Once the training materials are complete, we would like for the sites to review them. We hope to have these materials ready by November 2019

  • We hope to have an in-person training (shorter version) either a day before or after the EPION conference (Mid November 2019). We hope to have Waterloo-Wellington and Thunder Bay staff join too.

Moving Forward:

  • We hope to have a blended model for training (some in-person/video conferencing components and e-learning modules/interactive videos)

For newly hired staff:

  • Go through a ‘softer onboarding’ – read NAVIGATE manuals and documents/watch videos. Then have shadowing with other team members. This will also include joining the post-training/ECHO calls.

  • It would be helpful for new staff coming in to have an Orientation Checklist for each of the NAVIGATE roles – Chelsi to create

How does Peer Support fit with NAVIGATE?

  • It is identified as a gap

  • Used in congruence with the SEE role

  • The on-track new York program has a peer manual (it is similar to NAVIGATE)

  • The peer documentation and resources are available to the public

  • It should not interfere with fidelity because we can see what programs have peer support and which don’t to see if it had an impact.

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