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Implementation Committee: July 10, 2019

In Attendance: Chelsi, Mary, Jeff, Dayna, Sandy, Al, Kelsey, Janet, Alexia

Action Items


  • Send weekly emails to PSSP staff with updates to provide Site Staff information

  • Send out invite to the ECHO orientation to Waterloo-Wellington (record session as well)


  • Provide SEE hiring updates from Durham – Kelsey


  • Provide Chelsi with list of Waterloo-Wellington Staff



Communicating to Site Staff

  • Chelsi will send high level updates to PSSP specialists, summarizing what is coming up, what we are working on, and what confirmed decisions that are made to tell the site leads/staff (done weekly/bi-weekly depending on items)

  • Timelines would be effective for the site staff

Research Component

  • Steps required for research – attached document – we have sent this into REB, though it is still a working document

  • Concerns that we don’t want to over burden the patient with site staff constant asking the patients if they are interested in research

  • Should it be all site staff to pitch research or should it just be the IRT clinician assigned to their caseload

  • If a patient says no to research initially, the clinician should ask “can we ask you at another time”. If the patient says no again, we do not ask. If the patient says yes, we can ask a month later.

  • The sites role with research is just to present the opportunity and obtain verbal to share their contact information with EPI-SET staff

  • If a patient started to receive NAVIGATE in May, but only gets recruited in October, do they still do a baseline? In this case, we would start with the 6 month follow up assessments. However any assessments that were missed from the baseline (i.e. demographic questionnaires, SCID, etc.). We would record how long they have been in treatment for and label it as a 6 months follow up.

Durham Hiring

  • Currently they have posted internally for the SEE role, though will be posting it externally soon.

  • Kelsey to follow up with Sheila regarding this

ECHO Calls:

  • We will still be having the July 23rd meeting from 12-1pm – though it will be an orientation session, therefore the August 27th will be a ‘true’ ECHO session

  • To record the ECHO Spoke Orientation (happening July 23rd) so that anyone who misses it, can review it later.

  • Chelsi to add Waterloo-Wellington to the Spoke Orientation as of now. Al to give a list of their staff/emails.

Prescriber Calls

  • We hope that these calls will be shortened to 30mins – George to speak with the trainer to see if this is possible on the August 21st call

  • As a back up, RN’s can substitute for the prescribers if they really can’t make the call and provide updates for them

SEE Calls

  • Currently the SEE support calls have stopped as there are no SEE staff within the sites

  • Niagara’s SEE worker will be coming back from maternity leave around October, we hope that Durham will have hired a SEE worker by then and that Waterloo-Wellington has someone in place for that time as well.

  • Then in October we could have 2 calls per month that will be SEE training calls, instead of post-training calls

  • This is still to be determined. Sarah and George are going to speak to Shirely (the trainer) regarding this plan.


  • Training will likely be a combination of in-person, online, and simulation learning.

  • Training for the new sites (Waterloo Wellington, possibly Sudbury and Thunder Bay) may occur around the timing of the EPION conference – TBD.

  • The training will be aligned with the feedback we received from the in-person training feedback survey as well.

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