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Implementation Committee: January 22, 2020

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2019

In attendance: Laura, Dayna, Sandy, Jeff, Mary, Al, Sarah, George

Action Items:

- Create EENet connect platform for clinicians and site leads to ask questions and answer one another – Jeff and Dayna

- Send out readiness diagnostic tool to new sites - PSSP


Making Calls Meaningful

- PSSP did not create a formal agenda, because we are dealing with issues at sites as they arise

- However, PSSP still wants to ensure the calls are meaningful

- We could facilitate a community of practice, facilitate a conversation between sites, and allow site leads to chat with Sarah, PSSP, and Laura

- PSSP would be able to check in with site leads beforehand, and talk about a common topic or issue

- Site leads can communicate questions they have to there is (implementation specialist), and then IS and Sarah can problem solve on calls

- IS can go back to site leads and give a reply, and handle issues more timely versus once a month on director calls

- This would help, because for many site leads a lot of the details of this project feel overwhelming. Site leads also have numerous items on their agenda.

- Many site leads don’t have practical answers to their clinicians’ questions

Answering Questions about NAVIGATE

- It may be helpful to make a link from the website to EENet connect

- It can be restricted to people in the project, however someone needs to monitor it

- Jeff can monitor and triage items that go to other levels of project management

- This platform would be easy to implement and teach others how to use it

- Dayna and Jeff to have call with Jason to discuss setting this up

Practice Profile

- Creating the practice profile is more complex than PSSP originally thought it would be

- A piece of it is a general NAVIGATE overview

- Each role in NAVIGATE has pieces as well

- Janet is looking over a final draft of it

- Once Janet has looked it over, it will be sent out for feedback

- It contains a description of the core components of NAVIGATE and why they are important, as well as what NAVIGATE Gold Standards are

- It will include the Ontario adaptations to the model

- It will most likely be sent out next week for feedback, PSSP wants to know if anything was missed

- It will then be vetted by sites

Project Timeline and Evaluation

- Al made a visual document outlining the 24 months of NAVIGATE, broken down by role

- PSSP Evaluation is receiving additional support from Heather, 1 day/week

- They are still finalizing the first round of fidelity reports, and revising the Niagara version to create a gold standard reporting model

- Implementation of service delivery database is underway, PSSP will have it built by Royce soon

- PSSP wasn’t sure if they wanted to do something super extensive in terms of documentation with Thunder Bay, but decided to follow suit with it anyway

- Need to send out readiness diagnostic tool to new sites

- Still waiting to have contracts signed by Durham (Lakeridge) and Niagara

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