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Implementation Committee: February 12, 2020

Wednesday, February 12th, 2019

In attendance: Laura, Dayna, Lauren, Kim, Jeff, Anne-Marie, Sandy, Al, Josette, Heather, George, Janet, Sheila, Krista

Action Items:

- Email your IS or Abanti ( if you think of other ideas for upcoming ECHO calls – Site Leads

- Allow for time to ask clinicians about their opinion on an online community of practice at the next ECHO call - Abanti


Input on Upcoming Topic Areas for ECHO Calls

- Josette mentioned that the sessions have been great, and that she will spend time thinking about it and send some ideas

- Peer support is a topic that could be covered, including which modules peer support information is pulled from, and how peer support fits within NAVIGATE

- Another topic would be addressing suicidality with clients

- Prescribers in Waterloo Wellington want to hear more and learn more about the prescriber role in NAVIGATE, and the COMPASS tool mentioned in the manual. They would also like to know how these tools are being used at the Slaight Centre

- Disengagement from NAVIGATE would be another good topic to cover

Online Collaboration Space

- EENet (Evidence Exchange Centre) is a forum that hosts all of the resources that knowledge exchange workers create, and it can also host communities of practice and interest

- Clinicians can ask questions in a community of practice, and PSSP can triage them to the correct people

- Alternatively, we can build a forum in the EPI-SET website

- We want to know if it will be helpful, and how can we make it useful for clinicians

- An alternative is to have monthly calls for each role where clinicians can drop in and ask questions about delivering NAVIGATE to Slaight

- The site leads mentioned that this is a question for an ECHO call, as we need to talk to front line staff and figure out what is most useful for them

- Josette mentioned that the platform is a good idea, but she doesn’t know if they will have time to go, post, and wait for an answer

- It might make sense to wait until all sites are on board


- Currently they are working on four buckets of work

- For fidelity reviews we want to understand how sites practices match the EPI model

- It has been a process, and has taken time for methodology to be tightened

- A final version of the Niagara report is to go out today/tomorrow

- Durham and North Bay will have their report coming soon

- PSSP will be doing data collection for the new sites in early spring

- Another review will occur once sites have settled into NAVIGATE delivery

- A readiness survey also has to go out to staff, which covers how staff are feeling about the intervention and their skill set to deliver it

- a link is out now for clinicians who completed the second wave of training, and the survey is also repeated two more times in the study

- PSSP is also working on the REDCap database

- PSSP can walk through the fidelity review with sites, as they want it to be useful and don’t want sites to feel like it’s being imposed on them

- Sites can expect emails from Mary/Sandy about evaluation

- Abanti Tagore is the point of contact for patient measures for the research portion of the study

- Core Components refers to a core set of items that need to be measured in NAVIGATE, there are 20 of them and will be communicated soon

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