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Implementation Committee: August 7, 2019

In Attendance: Jeff, Janet, George, Sarah, Chelsi, Dayna, Al, Mary, Sandy, Sheila, Josette, Krista, Meredith, Kim, Jen

Action Items:

  • Add Jen to agenda distribution list – Dayna

  • Our Slaight admin Hiwot Adane will be taking minutes of this meeting moving forward



General Site Updates:

Sheila – Durham

  • Hired a new SEE employee Sara Rutkowski (

  • Started on Monday July 29th working Monday to Friday from 8:30-4:30 on a 1 year TPT Contract until July 2020

Josette – North Bay

  • 24 clients in total

  • 16 are active

  • 10 clients are getting NAVIGATE fully

Krista – Niagara

  • Sandy is no longer the implementation specialist for Niagara, Al will be taking over – Krista and Al have a tentative meeting right now

  • Team is feeling overwhelm – how do they balance the needs of the clinic and maintaining NAVIGATE? - They are still fully implementing NAVIGATE

  • How do we maintain these OT assessments while developing the SEE role

  • How do we maintain the nurses role while doing IRT?

  • Kim (Waterloo-Wellington) has similar questions regarding this balancing as well

  • Sarah (CAMH)

  • Generally encourage the clinicians to be doing ‘NAVIGATE’ recognize that pieces of recovery that it doesn’t include (i.e. cognitive remediation)

  • There is some concern that there will be a drift from NAVIGATE

  • The nurses continue to do the IMs

  • Krista (Niagara)

  • They are currently entering family members as a non-register client rather than in the patients records.

  • It would still come up on the clinician’s caseload, though it would not skew the numbers

  • If the client wants to have access to their chart, they can and their family member information would not be on it.

Kim (Waterloo-Wellington)

  • Wondering about the onboarding training steps and process

  • Currently we are working on a training document that includes core information regarding NAVIGATE and EPI-SET, core information regarding each NAVIGATE role, supplementary information regarding each role, and additional resources for everyone (hope to have this finished in the next two weeks)

  • We are also working on what an in-person training would look like – working on an e-learning module that would support onboarding too

  • WW also got 3 new clinicians to their staff


  • Potentially using the ‘experienced’ sites (NB, Niagara, Durham) input on how they set up NAVIGATE in their clinics

  • The ECHO calls will help as it is collaborative with the other sites, though it is mainly recommendations given about the case presented

  • The implementation specialists could possible relay this information – is there a way for them to exchange that information so they have a resource that they can provide to the sites

  • PSSP is working on an onboarding package to house that kind of information

Will ‘newer’ sites (Waterloo-Wellington and Thunder Bay) receive pre- and post- training calls?

  • Yes, they will receive the training – we are moving to a more sustainable training that include training refreshers

  • We are thinking of how best to use the training time as well to make it better – even for remote training as well

Fidelity Evaluation

  • The shared the draft fidelity report with Niagara (the 1st EPI standard report), there will be an additional review as well

  • They are reviewing the review process to make it more streamlined for the other sites

  • They are almost completed the data collection phase for Durham – taking place in September

  • The North Bay report – there has not been a draft report – it is in progress – once the approached is finalized with Niagara, then they will finish North Bay

Access Database

  • This Microsoft Access Database would aid staff with recording and the documentation of their NAVIGATE clients

  • It would be possible to generate reports to see what module a certain client is on and if there is family or see involvement.

  • It would be a record keeping tool for team reviews or meetings with site leads to see their process with certain clients.

  • The Slaight Research Methods Specialist will help develop this tool

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