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Implementation Committee: August 12, 2020

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

In attendance: Alexia, Jeff, Sandy, Lauren, Laura, Kerri, Sheila, Kim, Charlotte, Anne Marie

Action Items:

  • Send prodromal information from London to Anne Marie. – Kim

  • Meet with site leads about the new core components document– PSSP


NAVIGATE and the Prodromal Phase of Illness

  • NAVIGATE is not intended for that phase, it is intended for schizophrenia spectrum disorders

  • There is pressure from the community to accept people in the prodromal phase

  • Slaight used to have a program for it, there is a program out of London for prodromal information, and Kim will send that information to Anne Marie

Evaluation Update

  • PSSP has started the remote chart extraction process for Sudbury

  • This is scheduled for next week with Waterloo Wellington

  • They have finished all interviews in Sudbury except with their psychiatrist, which will be completed in 2 weeks

  • PSSP hasn’t had conversations yet with Thunder Bay

  • They have finalized the core components document, and will set up appointments with site leads over the next few weeks to ensure that sites have the information required

  • It is almost Time 2 for fidelity assessments for the original sites, aiming for late Fall early winter

  • They will be discussing the feedback report with Josette and her team very soon

  • They will go over the report with Kerri in early September

Onboarding New Staff

  • There is concern across the sites with turnover

  • Sudbury has a new therapist who has limited experience treating individuals with psychosis

  • Kim had a new staff member meet with Al, the staff member got an orientation to the project and it was very helpful

  • Sheila mentioned that differentiating the roles was difficult initially, as there are many different parts and it can be daunting to new staff members

  • She gives new staff members a high level glance of what all this is about, and presents info on NAVIGATE

  • Perhaps can include peer support component in core components


  • Want to stress that tracking referred patients should be quick and easy, there will be trial and error in trying to find the best process

  • Sheila mentioned that her team has a meeting every week, Dielle and Abanti join and update on how many research referrals are reviewed/recruited. Sheila also meets with her staff and gets a overview of who is asked about research on an Excel sheet.

  • Anne Marie does similar thing, she uses an Excel sheet for tracking, identifies the number of times people are asked and what the answer is (yes/no)

  • How do you manage not having multiple clinicians approach the same person?

    • This is orchestrated at weekly meetings, have a communication and updating process

    • Sudbury started with a care pathway and integrated NAVIGATE into it

    • Put in a REDCap Survey whether someone says yes or no, a report from it can be generated and Laura will work on coordinating that process

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