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Family Advisory Committee: March 14, 2019

Attendees: Lillian, Nicolle, Marie, Sophie, Chelsi

Action Items:

  • Get Marie’s onboarding information – Chelsi

  • Update the youth advisory poster with option 4 and send to youth advisory committee for review – Chelsi

  • Find more options for the family advisory poster (include feedback) – Chelsi

  • Give access to EPI-SET web portal – Chelsi

  • Share all one-pager EPI-SET documents – Chelsi

  • Create an action item and decision log to follow up and follow through on the items brought to the Steering Committee – Chelsi

  • Review the Terms of Reference at the Steering Committee – Lillian / Chelsi



General Introduction Notes

  • Nicolle is from the rural northern area (not specifically from the North Bay Regional Healthcare Centre), sat on the provincial committee for North Bay

  • Seems to be a missing link between hospital and community programs, long wait times, lack of transition

  • Sophie – is a collaborator and consultant on the EPI-SET project. Working on the evaluation piece of the family members to better understand how NAVIGATE is working

Flyer Poster

Option 1

  • Appears to have no youth

  • Excluded

Option 2

  • Excluded

Option 3

  • Looks like they are working in a group to make changes

  • It looks like university students, there’s not much family connection

  • Had cultural diversity

  • May not be the best for the youth poster as it looks like they are ‘working’ rather than giving their input and expertise

Option 4

  • Looks like they are working as a team and having a good time

  • Had cultural diversity

  • May be good for the youth poster

May be good to have different pictures for both the family and youth advisory committee


  • There may be stigmatization around mental health logos such as CAMH and people may not want to disclose their mental health concerns

  • Though for family members it wouldn’t really matter, would rather transparency and the CAMH logo gives some creditability to the project because it’s recognizable

EPI-SET Document – Using NAVIGATE to Improve the Quality of Early Psychosis Care

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