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Family Advisory Committee: June 11, 2020

Thursday, May 14, 2020

In Attendance: Lillian, Laura, Marie, Hugh, Kirstin, Nicolle, Stacey, Janet, Heather, Sandy

Action Items:

  • Fill out direct deposit compensation form– FAC members

  • Compensate FAC members via direct deposit/cheque-Laura

  • Review the FAC video outline/suggestions document and send any edits/suggestions you have to Laura -FAC members

  • Review the Implementation Team’s Powerpoint and prepare questions and comments for the next FAC meeting-FAC members

  • Let Laura know if you’re interested in being involved in a new study at CAMH evaluating the virtual delivery of NAVIGATE-FAC members

  • Ask to extend meetings to 1.5 hours when a committee presents- Laura


Chatting with Janet, Heather and Sandy from the Implementation Team

  • We are measuring fidelity to different areas of the NAVIGATE model of care, essentially how clinicians are delivering it

  • There is a fidelity scale that has 33 items on it that looks at team and staff activities at Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) sites

  • Receiving a score of 5 on the scale means that something has been fully implemented well and is high performing

  • The fidelity assessment is now being conducted through a remote process, and the results are shared with EPI teams

  • The 33 items are divided into 5 domains: psychosocial treatment, pharmacological treatment, access and continuity, team practice, and assessment and care planning

  • Each item on the scale is rated from 1-5, 4 means the program meets the standards

  • Currently psychosocial interventions have a low score because even though it may happen, it isn’t well documented by programs (this information is gathered from interviews with staff and a selection of charts)

  • The fidelity team makes quality improvement recommendations to sites based on their scores

  • If a site gets a low score, they need to problem solve and see where they can improve

  • Family involvement in assessments is a strength

  • Low fidelity items include providing or giving links to crisis intervention services, and low early intervention (people getting outpatient EPI before being hospitalized) – this information is reflected in feedback given to sites

  • High fidelity items include antipsychotic prescriptions (well documented)

  • Outreach is a component of early intervention but many clinics are busy enough providing care

  • Janet, Sandy, and Heather will come back to continue discussing this, Laura will send out their slides for members to review and make not of questions and comments they have before the next meeting

Research Recruitment – Update from Hugh’s conversation with Dr. Soania Mathur

  • Having a database of patients to recruit from is very useful

  • Communication via email is optimal

  • Good to let people know about research opportunities at parent groups and patient groups

  • Laura will take this important feedback back to the steering committee and patient measures groups

FAC Video

  • Laura showed the document she worked on outlining topics to discuss in the FAC video

  • The aim is to show this video to clinicians at our sites who are learning to deliver NAVIGATE and highlight the importance of having coordinated care for EPI sites

  • Please review the document that Laura will send out and provide feedback on it

Direct Deposit Forms

  • Laura will send out the direct deposit form again along with an example of one filled out.

  • Please fill and sign this form as soon as possible so I can reimburse you for your time! If you have any questions feel free to call or email Laura

  • Welcome to our new member Stacey!

Next Meeting: Thursday July 9, 2020

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