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Family Advisory Committee: December 12, 2019

In Attendance: Lillian, Marie, Hugh, Laura

Action Items

· Include the ZOOM Meeting number and participant ID in the agenda - Laura

· Discuss concerns about the study with Dr. Voineskos – Laura

· Email extra hours for November to Laura – FAC Members


Annual Project Meeting/EPION Conference

- Lillian spoke about her experience at the project team meeting and the EPION conference in general

- Lillian spoke about the challenges that the sites are having, however noticed that Dr. Aristotle Voineskos, Sarah Bromley, Dielle Miranda and the other project leaders were listening and providing support and solutions

- Concerns about the project were raised including wondering if too many sites are being told to join too soon – Laura will be meeting with Dr. Voineskos next week and will discuss these concerns

Study on Transitioning out of EPI Care

- Laura mentioned that she heard about a new research study that Dr. Kozloff will be working on in the new year with a psychiatry resident - analyzing what happens to patients after they have been discharged from EPI services

Steering Committee Updates

- A family member from Durham is interested in joining the FAC and we are in contact with her, Laura will be on a call with her next week

- Lillian and Augustina will be featured on the EPI-SET website with short paragraphs explaining why they are involved in this project

Status of a Thunder Bay Prescriber

- Laura inquired about this and was told that the nurse practitioner in the prescriber role has a lot of education in prescribing medications for EPI patients, and is in consultation with psychiatrists as needed

- Laura was moderating a call between the nurse practitioner and an expert EPI psychiatrist this week and can see she is well educated and motivated to help patients in this area

- A discussion was had regarding the fact that any healthcare provider who has rights to prescribe can receive proper education and training around prescribing in a certain area, without necessarily needing to have to be a psychiatrist

Discussion About Family Member Surveys

- The group decided that it would be best to send all three surveys at once to the family member, as sending multiple surveys at various times would be too much of a burden

- All three surveys will not take too much time to complete, so sending them all at once will not be a large burden

- Hugh mentioned that it is important to follow up with family members to ensure surveys are completed, contacting them multiple times if necessary

Family Education E-Learning Module

- Nicolle and Lillian viewed this a few months ago

- CAMH will have it completed by January 2020, once it is available it will be shared with all of you

Discussion About Youth Advisory Committee Leader

- We briefly talked about how awesome and inspiring our Youth Advisory Committee Leader Augustina Ampofo is! She is a youth with lived experience, and is doing a lot of work to share her experience and improve the mental healthcare system. Her website is:

Next meeting: Thursday, January 9, 2020

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