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Family Advisory Committee: April 11, 2019

Attendees: Lillian, Nicolle, Marie, Hugh, Chelsi

Action Items:

  • Follow up with Sheila regarding new members – Chelsi

  • Create on-boarding checklist for new members joining FAC – Chelsi/Lillian

  1. What is EPI-SET

  2. Funding for the project

  3. Timeline

  4. Current EPION standards “here is what we are getting done”

  • Update website with timeline of project – Chelsi

  • Update Service User Document and bring forth to Steering Committee – Chelsi

  • Tutorial on editing documents – Chelsi

  • Update the Terms of Reference – Chelsi

  • Email Dielle around copyright issues around images for the flyer – Chelsi



Sault Ste. Marie

  • Had to pull back from the project early on as they were going through major staff transitions and management changes.

  • They could not dedicate the time that was needed, though they’re status is ‘on-hold’ from the project

  • Same thing happened with the Waterloo-Wellington site. Their staff was transitioning and they had to be put ‘on-hold’. Now they are ready and will be on-boarding into the project.

Terms of Reference

  • Learning plan – what do members want to get out of this advisory committee. What are members interested in, want to ensure we can provide it so there is value to it

  • The language of a ‘learning plan’ isn’t the best. ‘Contribution plan’ conveys the action better. Match their experience to their needs.

  • Tailor it to ‘family members’ experiences, can’t speak towards the ‘youth’s’ experience

  • The language of ‘children’ is fine, as they will always be their child. Though if a sibling joins the family advisory committee this language will not work.

Service User Documents

  • Approved of them.

  • One suggestion to change Dielle’s email address to a different colour so that her name would pop out on the page

  • Will bring forth to the Steering Committee

Transition from inpatient to community and to outpatient services

  • The hand-off process needs to be considered.

  • All progress that was made was undone when they went into the hospital

  • NAVIGATE only targets outpatient services, though the SEE workers are connected to the community, the program doesn’t address the ‘hand-off process’

  • May be good to have the CAMH Peer Support Worker to come into a FAC meeting

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