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Youth Advisory Committee Meeting: March 27, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

In Attendance: Andrea, Tallan, Karleigh, Coulson, Augustina, Sara, Victoria


  • Follow-up with Karleigh about research/consent wording – Andrea

  • Follow up with Karleigh and Dielle about honorarium process – Andrea

  • Make edits to newsletter – Andrea

  • Send email to Janet with our feedback to prepare for April meeting - Andrea

AGENDA Welcome and Icebreaker

What is every doing to get through self-isolation?

  • Cooking, catching up on sleep, walking and getting fresh air, Tarot, beading, working from home

  • Special shout-out to Tallan for joining us!

EPI-SET Newsletter Design Overview

  • We looked over a draft of the newsletter which will be going out next week via email

  • A quote from last YAC meeting is at the top

  • Dr. Foussias and the other study investigators felt that this statement from the YAC was very powerful and want it to be shared more widely

Feedback on the Newsletter:

  • Add Augustina’s title beside her name on the quote

  • Acknowledge COVID-19 in the newsletter (Dr. Aristotle Voineskos will be writing a message)

  • Like the content that is listed and the design/colours

Discuss how people are approached for research

  • We looked over the “Clinician Point of Contact” document, which the research team created for clinicians so they know how to approach their clients for this research opportunity

Feedback on this document:

  • We are glad that youth have 1 year to participate in the study, because they may not be able to participate early on in treatment

  • Requires clinical judgement to not approach people in distress and balancing this with giving people more opportunities at a better time

  • Should improve the phrasing in the “What Will I Say?” section.

- “The research is about the treatment you are receiving here with us, but we aren’t doing the research and it wouldn’t impact our future appointments”

- The highlighted part sounds awkward and unclear

- Refer to CAMHs “Ask Me About Research” to improve wording here

Questions for Next Guest: Dr. Janet Durbin.

  • Janet is one of the scientists on the EPI-SET study.

  • Her specific role is to measure how clinicians are delivering NAVIGATE care to their clients and if it is up to Ontario’s EPI standards

  • Janet and a few colleagues will be attending our April meeting.

Feedback about last month’s meeting with Dr. Foussias:

  • It was one of our best meetings

  • We had great discussion

  • Enjoyed learning a lot of interesting things about ethics and approaching patients for research

  • Enjoyed hearing about Dr. Foussias’ personal motivations for working in mental health

Interests for Janet next month:

  • Seeing the evaluation criteria

  • More about why she is working in mental health

  • What information would they like from the YAC


  • YAC members who live far from CAMH are sent Visa gift cards

  • YAC members who can come to CAMH are paid in cash

  • Both forms of payment usually occur every 2-3 months

  • Andrea is going to follow-up about this process given the current pandemic

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