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Youth Advisory Committee: May 24, 2019

1. Welcome and icebreaker – 2 truths and a lie!

2. Advisory Committee flier/poster finalization – they look great! They are good to be distributed.

3. EPION video clips

  • Including input from a broader team at the EPION conference on November 19th – looking for videos of different research relationships

  • Everyone send in videos? GoAnime online – other teams may have a subscription? Can be anonymous as well.

  • How would we coordinate efforts in GoAnime? – Karleigh

4. Client welcome document

  • Comments to bring back – Jasmyn

5. Onboarding document for YAC

  • Take time to look through it, bring back to next meeting – everyone

  • Doesn’t have to stay all as text!

  • Maybe try to bring down to ~5 pages?

6. Evaluation measures

  • Measuring engagement in the advisory committees with surveys

  • As soon as they are at a point where we can get meaningful feedback, we will bring them to the meeting

7. Might also measure patient/family service engagement in the study – Dr. Nicole Kozloff was hoping to come to the next meeting to chat about it – Dr. George Foussias may also come

  • Take a combination from other validated tools, give to study participants to measure their engagement in the program (NAVIGATE) throughout study participation

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