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Youth Advisory Committee: March 22, 2019

In attendance: Jasmyn, Coulson, Jenell, Augustina, Sara

Not in attendance: Matthew, Karleigh

1. Introductions, pronouns, and an icebreaker activity – what animal would you be?

2. Reminder – send Jasmyn your mailing address for compensation!

3. EPI-SET and CAMH logos

  • Group members liked the EPI-SET logo. They liked how it seemed “centred,” “having a direction,” and how it was simple and got to the point

  • Not everyone connected the EPI-SET logo to Navigate right away but they liked it and how that connected

  • Group members like the CAMH logo. They like how it is simple, to the point, aesthetically pleasing, and easily recognized. They don’t feel any negative connotations with it. Group members also feel that these positive descriptors apply to the EPI-SET logo.

  • Group members agree that EPI-SET logo should go on everything, and CAMH logo should go on external official documents as well (like progress updates)

4. Feedback on “The Navigate Program” documents for service users and families

  • If the sites have a peer-support worker, we should add that to the list of professionals since it’s a bit of a separate role than IRT and SEE (even though technically it’s SEE)

  • The wording for the director should change to be less confusing: “point of contact for the administration of the program”

  • The 1-pager should have a diagram to break up the text

  • After edits, it will be sent to the Youth Advisory Committee

  • In addition to the 1-pager, the group wants to make a brochure. The group likes it because it is easy and physically compresses the text. Jasmyn and Augustina will make a draft

5. Youth Advisory Committee recruitment poster

  • We went through 3 versions: current, proposed (long-text), proposed (short-text)

  • Jasmyn will send these around

  • The group liked the short-text new proposed version, but identified that it should have both logos and should follow the EPI-SET logo colour scheme (light and dark blues)

  • The current version had some problems: needs consistent font, youth-friendly font, not grey, not inconsistent colours, not heads cut off (de-personalized)

  • The long-text version is too much text

  • We should confirm where the poster is being distributed to/posted

  • Sara and Coulson will make their own new versions/proposed edits and bring back to the next Youth Advisory Committee meeting

6. The International Conference on Youth Mental Health in Brisbane, Australia has a bursary for Canadians. If you’re eligible, you can apply to have your expenses covered to go to the conference. See online for more information (it might be due this Sunday):

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