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Youth Advisory Committee: June 28, 2019

  1. Jasmyn is going back to school, and won’t be working here full-time any more. Chelsi or another staff member will take over co-facilitating with Augustina (who is doing an awesome job, btw!)

  2. Please complete the baseline needs assessment (sent to you in a separate email) as soon as possible. If you didn’t receive a link, please email Chelsi ASAP to let her know!

  3. For the therapeutic alliance/care quality/satisfaction measures, we decided on including the STAR-P, the OPOC, and the RSA. There is some overlap between the OPOC and the RSA, so we will let participants know about that, and if a visit is broken into multiple parts, we will make sure one is done at each part instead of together.

  4. I’ve gone through and edited down the onboarding document for new members to the YAC – please try to take a look and make some comments on this document before our next meeting, and we (I say we, but I probably won’t be there  ) will discuss them then.

  5. EPION conference – if you’re interested in coming (or presenting) let us know as soon as possible! Please also let us know if you aren’t interested, so we know for sure. Similarly, please let us know if you want to come for one or two days.

  6. If you have a chance, please take a look at the next survey for you guys to do after every meeting (on a monthly basis) and make any comments! We will send this around after, as we don’t quite have a draft ready yet.

Other general reminders and notes:

  1. Please keep track of your hours working on stuff, and let me know how long you took for compensation purposes

  2. If you are going to miss a meeting over the summer, let me and Augustina know as soon as you know! The dates for the next meetings are Aug 23, and Sept 27.

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