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Youth Advisory Committee: February 22, 2019

In attendance: Karleigh, Augustina, Nadia, Jasmyn, Jenell, Sara, Coulson

1) Introductions/pronouns

2) Icebreaker – if you could only eat one food for rest of your life, what would it be?

3) Terms of Reference

  • Agreement of how we will be coming together to work as a team for the NAVIGATE project and Youth Advisory Group

  • A draft was attached in the email that was circulated

  • It is a working document that we are starting to put together, and a living document that can be changed as we go

  • Will be posted in the Google Drive for everybody, and it will be shared via email as well

  • Is everybody still comfortable with the use of Google Drive, with reminder emails with the agenda sent out before the meeting? Documents will also be included in emails, Drive is a central repository (and would also be available for new members). Decided -- will use for now, check-in in a couple months to make sure it is still working, and email Jasmyn at any time if you can’t access it or have any concerns.

  • Expectations/accountability section of Terms of Reference: o make your best effort to attend as many meetings as possible; o if you can’t attend or might not be able to, let Jasmyn know as soon as possible; o if you are missing meetings or if you end up not being able to commit to this opportunity, communicate that in a timely fashion; o try your best to give feedback or complete tasks by requested deadlines, or communicate that you won’t be able to; o Augustina/ Jasmyn will communicate back and forth with Steering Committee. o There could be a formal confidentiality agreement if people wanted.

  • Developing group guidelines and norms: o From last meeting (summary): have time and space to say thoughts; use respectful language and refrain from condescension; keep confidentiality within the group; have group consensus on what gets communicated to Steering Committee; have a comfortable group setting; be respectful of different perspectives; support one another’s learning; be transparent. o Can these be added to group norms? -- Yes, and some are already in there. These are going to be incorporated into the group norms. o What else should be added? -- transparency; group consensus before communicating something with the Steering Committee; if anyone has a problem with anything that is said, be honest and respectful.

  • Confidentiality: o A group norm is to respect confidentiality within the group, and is in the Terms of Reference o Whatever is said in the meeting stays in the meeting o Feedback from Advisory Group is group feedback, names won’t be used in minutes or in information presented back to the Steering Committee o Do we want a specific confidentiality agreement/form, with an explanation of what is confidential and when confidentiality may have to be broken? Or do we want to agree verbally? - Should have clear confidentiality agreement about when it can and cannot be broken – either more explicit in Terms of Reference or separate signed off agreement? Might be best in Terms of Reference because it stays in place as people leave or join, and is an agreement and gives guidance. - Can also always change things, nothing is a final closed decision, there is flexibility o Should we have a conversation about the time commitment of the project (3 years is the project length), or add it to the Terms of Reference? à will add to Terms of Reference - 3 year project, if you want to stay that’s great, but if you have to leave we understand as well, things happen - There will be regular check-ins with people - If you need to step-out for a period of time, we can chat 1-on-1 and be flexible

  • Are people comfortable with their names being on the Terms of Reference? It is more of a public document (not truly public, but others will likely see it, for example collaborators) -- everyone at this meeting is happy to put their names on there, but this is also open to be revisited later, not set in stone

4) Zoom videoconferencing:

  • Sent out instructions

  • Can use many different types of technology (e.g. phone, laptop, etc.), it is very flexible

  • Can everyone please test it out in the next month, and email Jasmyn if there are any issues

  • Video keeps going unless you turn it off! Just to keep in mind! But you can also join with audio only.

5) Next time, potentially: updates from steering committee and high-level summary of progress

6) Will set agenda mid-month before the next meeting (Jasmyn/Augustina/Karleigh)

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