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Youth Advisory Committee: August 23, 2019

In Attendance: Augustina, Karleigh, Coulson, Kevan

Regrets: Jenell, Sara


  • Schedule a call with Dielle to coordinate how the agenda is created and distributed moving forward - Augustina and Karleigh

  • Registrations for EPION Conference are next week. Contact Augustina if wanting to attend – Everyone/Augustina



  • Did not discuss onboarding material at this meeting to avoid redundancy

  • Waiting for the poster to go through REB approvals. It is approved by CAMH REB, but not the other sites. Therefore for the time being, the poster is not as high of a priority

  • Coulson not able to go to EPION conference in the Fall

  • Baseline survey results are being compiled together. A thank you was extended to those who completed theirs. For those who don’t finish theirs, requested that they still send in the blank form

  • Further comments or questions about the Onboarding Doc should be made on the google doc. Comments are needed by end of the month. If unable to make the comments in time, send email saying you have comments but aren’t able to post in time.

  • EPION conference is Nov 19th/20th. Registration is next week. If interested, let Augustina know asap. Augustina presenting at the conference on Engagement – will involve whatever data they have for family advisory. Will keep updated when more info available

  • Monthly meeting evaluation survey – what happens when just Karleigh and Coulson fill it out? Still fill it out – more of a check-in than a meeting

  • Once REB approval happens, materials will develop, and the core team will grow

  • Advisory Committees tend to start off small then grow. It’s nice to have smaller core now to lay initial groundwork and records

  • Karleigh: The CAMH Youth Engagement Network National Youth Action Council – A platform to share project opportunities. Paid opportunities, advisory groups, research partner/collaborator opportunities

  • People on YAC team can add their names to newsletter

  • There is a Facebook group, but they also connect via email

  • Plug it as an option. A lot more activity lately

  • Send Augustina or Karleigh email if interested

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