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Youth Advisory Committee: April 26, 2019

1. Check-in and icebreaker activity (what would your super power be?) (also, we talked about the new Avengers movie, very exciting!)

2. Advisory Committee flier/poster

  • Coulson will make a 1-pager, by shrinking each of his pages to about half a page; add contact information

  • Sara will make a new version of the flier, with a new image and shorter text

  • Jasmyn will ask about a higher-res logo

3. Recruitment ideas

  • Send out to clinicians, ask them about referrals to us

  • Post in waiting rooms, group rooms at clinics

  • Ask at Steering Committee about EPION – newsletter? Send us a list?

  • Inclusion criteria for the YAC is:

  1. Any individual who has used early psychosis intervention (EPI) services at North Bay, Niagara, or Durham sites

  2. Similarly, family members of any of the above for the Family Advisory Committee

4. Project team teleconference information: May 6th, let Jasmyn know if you want anything put on the agenda, otherwise just feel free to join in and listen if you’re interested (this isn’t required though)

5. Compensation update: waiting on REB, will send as soon as we hear back. If you need compensation sooner, please contact Jasmyn to arrange something. Don’t forget that we compensate for your time doing tasks as well, like the fliers! For anything longer than ~1 hour worth of work, just check-in with Jasmyn first to make sure the budget is available.

6. Distribution list update: feel free to use the distribution list email to email everyone on the Youth Advisory Committee all at once (you can also reply to this email address)

7. EPI-SET project updates:

  • There is an EPION conference in the fall, and we will be creating and submitting an abstract on the project information (not on data yet, since we won’t really have any).

  1. There will be 5 parts to it: a general introduction, a piece on the implementation, a piece on the service level data plan, a piece on the patient measures and outcomes, and a piece on the youth and family engagement (what we are really interested in for the Youth Advisory Committee)

  2. Lillian and Augustina will be there to present as well as other project team members

  • We will be measuring youth and family engagement in the advisory committees with surveys, we are just finalizing it now (what to ask, how often to ask, etc.). This is to make sure everyone is engaged and getting everything that they want to out of their participation on the committee!

  • We are going to be adding a new site, Waterloo-Wellington! After REB/contracts are sorted out, then we can recruit new Youth Advisory members from this site.

  • The Terms of Reference were approved by the Steering Committee! We will need to briefly update them once we decide on the evaluation measure details as well.

8. Service User documents update: approved by Family Advisory and Steering Committee! Now it just needs to go through REB and then it can be distributed at the sites.

  • Peer-support worker update: there is no peer support worker at the sites yet, so we won’t include in the service user document at this point.

9. Advisory Committee Orientation checklist (update and brainstorming):

  • Will wait for the Family Advisory Committee to come up with it, then we can edit it and make it our own (this is for new members of the Youth Advisory Committee)

  • Reflect for next time, and at next meeting we can brainstorm/edit this document

  • Also reflect on what you want out of the Committee, what you’ve been able to get and what you want to work towards – we can also discuss this at the next meeting to make sure everyone is getting the most out of their participation

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