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Service Measures and Outcomes Working Group: August 14, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

August 14th, 2020

Attendance: Sandy Brooks, Laura Grennan, Mary Hanna, Janet Durbin, Gordon Langill, Melanie Barwick


- The aim of this group is to see whether implementation of NAVIGATE leads to higher fidelity of EPI care

- PSSP needed to create a core components document in order to measure fidelity to the EPI model

- They created a Practice Profile document that outlines the principles, core components of NAVIGATE and suggested metrics for measurement

- They interviewed the US trainers involved in creating the NAVIGATE model, who clarified the operating principles for the model but didn’t provide any metrics

- The US trainers agreed on these items being important: rapid early engagement within 2 months, personalized goal setting within 4 months, IRT has 7/8 core modules, family education has a lot of psycho-ed modules, SEE has its own defined approach

- Clients need to be offered the components multiple times

- Want to share this Practice Profile with site leads and clinicians

o Melanie suggested creating a smaller document to give to clinicians

o Simplify it for them – include barriers to implementation

o Colour code what is necessary for the research project vs. what will be good for sites to collect for quality assurance ongoing

o Best to ask sites and clinicians what they find most useful

Data collection schedule/timeline

- Trying to minimize burden on the sites

- Multiple fidelity reviews, including a readiness survey Data collection includes fidelity reviews done at 3 time points plus a readiness survey done at the same 3 time points

- Melanie will do in-depth qualitative interviews with 3 participants at each of the sites

o Looking at 5 domains implicated in effective implementation

o Holistic view of facilitators and barriers to implementing

- Training new staff to deliver NAVIGATE is smooth, getting current staff to change is more difficult

Remote Chart Review Strategy

- Sites will do their own remote chart extraction process

- A process was developed and put in place including training for the site abstractors

- Managers identified someone they thought could do it, two out of three sites could do it (TB isn’t there yet)

- Did training with them, walking them through the template

- One program manager wanted to do it herself, did first two with Sandy but it took several hours, she mentioned she will complete it by the end of the week

- Hoping that the second one will go better

- Wondering if it’s possible to re-assert your presence so sites are more engaged

- Emphasize that this needs to be done at one time on the same day for best results

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