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Project Team: February 2, 2022

Attendance: Brooke Magel, Carol Maxwell, Diana Urajnik, Dielle Miranda, Kerri Nagy, Mark, Michael Weyman, Rakshi Kathuria, Shreya Mahajan, Tallan, Augustina, Josette, Lauren Caruana, John Riley, Janet Durbin, Sandy Brooks, Aristotle Voineskos, Melanie Barwick, Lauren DeFreitas, Sheeba Narrikuzhy, Vic, George Foussias, Lillian Duda, Nikki Kozloff, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Sarah Bromley, Emily Panzarella


A huge congratulations to Anne-Marie, who will be retiring at the end of April after 37 years!


  • Send name and contact information for new psychiatrist to Aristotle and Michael – Anne-Marie

  • Update and distribute study table – Emily

  • Reach out to Lillian to discuss formalized process for prospective advisors looking to join – Augustina

  • Set up a meeting with Lillian to discuss feedback from Connie regarding on-boarding process – Dielle

Site Lead Updates


  • One clinician was redeployed

  • Most clinic sessions are being done virtually, with a few in-person sessions permitted if critical


  • Referrals have been a bit slower recently, but are improving slowly

  • Lots of new staff are being on-boarded

  • There are a lot of unwell clients – trying to be more diligent with intake processes

  • In-person sessions are still happening, no change with appointment structure

North Bay

  • Most appointments are being done virtually at the moment unless they require injections or are new clients

  • Noticing that some clients are discouraged from continuing with the program

  • A main focus right now is helping clients find housing


  • 2 staff have been redeployed to acute care services at the hospital, which may last for up to 12 weeks (start date was January 10th, which means redeployment could last until the first week of April)

  • Irma is managing caseloads at the moment and only providing case management

  • Working to identify which clients require weekly, biweekly, and monthly visits

  • A new psychiatrist has joined and met the team this past Monday

Thunder Bay

  • Omicron has not lead to any redeployment, but several staff have needed to take time off for isolation due to exposure

  • Intakes were slowed for a few weeks but will be picking up this month

  • Started virtual family group series

  • The FAC have been committed to participating and joined at the first session to speak about their experiences

Implementation – PSSP

  • Site leads are collaborating to overcome on-boarding and processing challenges

  • In terms of fidelity assessments, we are waiting for further direction from PSSP to arrange site visits and proceed with chart reviews

  • Right now, sites are stretched and we do not want to further burden them

  • Sandy: Will be in touch with the sites to see when would be a good time to visit

  • Still projecting to have these visits done in the first fiscal

  • Sudbury and Waterloo-Wellington will be priority sites, as they have not had their 2nd fidelity review yet and are at the 20-month window

  • Readiness survey is good to go

  • The consent process has changed slightly, and PSSP will be in touch with site leads to explain the new process before sending them around

ECHO Update

General ECHO

  • Next session: February 4th, 2022

  • Case Presentation: Niagara

  • Didactic: Developmental Delays and Psychosis

  • Sudbury is unable to present on March 4th – If any other sites are able to trade their case presentation date, please reach out to Rakshi or Nitha

Prescriber ECHO

  • Next session: March 24th, 2022

  • Topic: Complex Cases with Dr. Alexandra Douglas


  • 16/18 have consented; 15/18 have completed interviews (Sudbury is outstanding and will be completed when staff is less stretched)

  • Coding process has started for the current interview data

Family & Youth QI

  • Sophie will be away until February 14th

  • Shreya and Brooke have compiled feedback from FAC and YAC on respective interview guides and will be meeting with Sophie upon return to discuss

  • Research team is still gathering interest from participants (goal – 2 from each sit