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Implementation Committee: April 8, 2020

In Attendance: Dayna, Lauren, Al, Alexia, Jeff, Kerri, Kim, Josette, Sandy


· Laura – circulate Webex User Guide

· Aristotle – input on whether patients can do research modules remotely?

· General – Give update of translating Family Education Handouts to French

· General – check in with Aristotle and George on update policies for safety – check in to see if new protocol fits what they need

· General - Won’t be formal case presentation, more discussing how integrating navigate into care. Just beginning, appreciate good discussion



· Meetings will be done through Webex videoconference during the pandemic situation

o Kevan will give Laura a User-guide to circulate

o A safe bet for audio is to call in with your phone for your mic/audio source

· Translating the Family Education Handouts into French is in the works, and an update with the timeline will be shared soon

o A family in Sudbury joined recently that will require it


· Shift to virtual service care/delivery to accommodate the pandemic is the highest priority

· A master-document with as much info pulled as possible would be useful as a widespread resource. Should incorporate every site’s situation

Hear from site leads and their strategies:

  • Alexia: PSSP – same setup, except moving to virtual care CBT

  • Josette: North Bay - organized with a setup using Telehealth. Will see how it goes. Their psychiatrist can do OTN hub as well with clients. Having first-time contact this way is new.

  • Kim: Waterloo-Wellington moving to Telehealth for psychiatry/clinical – crashing at times, some functions not working, client hearing things out of context. They will be investigating other platforms in next few weeks. Shifting away from Microsoft teams. Not using Zoom due to privacy issues. FaceTime is good. Considering Webex, as CAMH is using it successfully.

    • Would be helpful to make an overview document of their findings and share to the group – Loop Jeff in

  • Sheila: Durham – using teleconference only. Have moved to Microsoft Teams for meetings. 90% outpatient staff are working from home, in office on occasion to check mail. Download desktop icon itself vs VPN.

  • Anne-Marie: Sudbury - Telehealth for clinical work, Zoom for business. Does crash from time to time. Organization just purchased Microsoft Teams. They will try various platforms as they are a large organization

  • Kerri: Niagara - telemedicine for clinic last week. From home staff currently doing counselling/coaching by phone. Soon will be set up with telemedicine accounts.


  • Have clinicians reported on experience delivery Navigate virtually?

    • Josette – asking clients if they’d do it over phone – most say no and want to resume it when they’re back in office. Want to know if they can do research modules remotely? Aristotle to look into that – potential risks?

      • Dielle indicated that we will be moving forward with research. Revised plan for moving forward with current situation to be confirmed. Are we supposed to be moving forward with research recruitment?

      • Possible strategy to not pressure for productivity, but to focus on feeling better? Maybe a feeling of comfort as they are on a level playing field – okay to be at home not doing much

    • Kim: Stopped pushing patients, trying to make them feel validated. Permission not to engage

    • Jeff – maybe clients don’t want to go through module related to it being difficult to use virtually?


· Staff observation: not seeing increase of clients admitted into hospital as a result. Positive, maybe tele-counselling benefitting? Not as many crisis/ER.

o Worried long term of businesses closing = less places to provide employment

  • Clinicians call and make contact in and of itself helpful for patients

  • Staying at home is a relief for patients because engaging is difficult normally

  • Is there room to start a strength IRT – a shift in mind frame? Look specifically at that module and as a team talk about resiliency with clients (in line with navigate). Recognise and enhance own resiliency. All clinicians

  • Make sure teams code time properly reflecting how much time spending with clients. Coding it wrong paints inaccurate picture - issue if they need to deploy

  • Noticed that at 1/week injections, patients let on that they are not doing as well as they let on when they are in touch remotely


  • Idea to start a collaborative online space for knowledge exchange

  • Jeff – goal is for knowledge exchange, and to connect implementation members, and allow a forum to offer support.

    • Increase knowledge about NAVIGATE and share recent research

    • Place for discussion on topics

    • Unsure of whether a separate website or a part of the EPISET website

    • Identify ‘champions’ that can actively populate content early on and be active members in the space

    • Need input from everyone on design (i.e. do we send email notifications for posts? Do we divide by role, etc)

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