Clinical Resources for NAVIGATE Remote Delivery During COVID-19 

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NAVIGATing COVID and Tips for Virtual Care
General Tips and Resources (All Roles)
Helpful Websites and Resources for Responding to COVID-19
Intimate Partner Violence Resources
Community Card
Colorado Symptom Index
Individual Resiliency Training
Guide to Using IRT Handouts in COVID-19
IRT Helpful Tips for Telephone and Video
Action Plan Worksheet
Module 1-3: Relaxed Breathing
Module 2-2: Strengths Test
Module 2-3: Goal Planning Sheet
Module 3-1: Psychosis Education
Modules 5 & 8: 5 Steps of Cognitive Restructuring
Module 3-3: Coping with Stress
Module 6: Introduction to Developing Resiliency
Module 4-2: Relapse Prevention Plan
Module 9: Coping with Symptoms
Module 10-7: Client Substance Use/Boredom
Module 13-2: Getting Active
Module 11-1: Having Fun
Module 14: Developing Resiliency
Module 11-3-4: Relationships
IRT Manual with Hyperlinks to Handouts
Tip Sheet
Just the Facts - Relapse Prevention Planning
Just the Facts - Coping with Stress
Just the Facts - Recognizing Early Warning Signs
Just the Facts - Basic Facts about Alcohol and Drugs
Relaxation Techniques
Just the Facts - Strategies to Build Resiliency
Just the Facts - Psychosis
Just the Facts - Developing a Collaboration
Problem Solving/Goal Setting Sheet
Family Strategies for Responding During COVID-19
Just the Facts - Effective Communication
Just the Facts - Medications for Psychosis
Just the Facts - Relative's Guide to Supporting Recovery
Supported Employment and Education
SEE in the time of COVID