First Place Clinic, Thunder Bay holds NAVIGATE launch party!

To date, EPI-SET has support the training and implementation of 6 sites and over 60 clinicians to deliver NAVIGATE.

Over 300 clients have received NAVIGATE, and all 6 sites are referring clients for the research opportunity. 

October 2020

Given that EPI services have rapidly transitioned to virtual care with little evidence to guide virtual delivery of EPI, a group from CAMH with many members from the EPI-SET team put together a funding proposal to study the implementation of NAVIGATE delivered virtually ("e-NAVIGATE")

Status: the application was submitted to UofT (for 2 years of funding) and CIHR (for 1 year of funding)

Family and youth advisors are included on the project as co-applicants.


The project will take place at CAMH and examine how intervention factors and patient characteristics (including health equity factors) affect implementation effectiveness.

The evaluation will incorporate:

  • Qualitative interviews guided by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR)

  • Fidelity assessments

  • The Virtual Care Experience Survey

  • Other items extracted from patient charts. 


July 2020

EPI-SET Protocol Paper Published in BMJ Open!

July 2020

A recently approved CAMH REB amendment will include COVID-19 related questionnaires during participant visits to capture the impacts of the pandemic on symptoms and functioning.

Participant are followed longitudinally and the results from these assessments may also help to inform future work.

Currently, we have approval from North Bay's REB and are working on other site submissions. 

July 2020

COVID-19 Questions Added to Participant Interviews

Adapting NAVIGATE for Bipolar Disorder

We are working with CAMH Education specialists to adapt NAVIGATE for Bipolar Disorder.

Stay tuned!

July 2020